Daily Carry, March 2015 Edition

Posted on 26 March 2015.

A couple of years back, i did a post about my Daily Carry for college... Well, I have finished (ish) college, but i still cary a lot of weird and wonderful stuff... So, this is the update...

The details are on my Daily Carry page, and, in theory, should always be up to date... Thats the theory anyway... :)

Mobile Phone as a Service

Posted on 15 February 2015.

After my post about the Raspberry Pi acting as a VoIP server, and being able to add a 3G Dongle and allowing it to act as a Mobile Phone gateway, it got me thinking... Why not have something that allows you to rent a mobile phone number in a country, send and recieve text messages, phone calls, etc, all from anywhere in the world? Thats where Mobile Phone as a Service comes in...

The theory behing MPaaS is quite simple: A SIM Card for a mobile phone is placed in a USB Dongle, plugged into a VoIP server (Asterisk box, probably a Raspberry Pi) and shared with the user who requests it.

Its only a theory at the moment... Any interest?

CDN Hosted Blog

Posted on 23 January 2014.

Well, if you can read this, this site is now hosted fully on AWS with both S3 and CloudFront. More details eventually...

[UPDATE] How did i host this on S3 and CloudFront? Check out this article by Paul Stamatiou for details...

Raspberry Pi as an Asterisk Box

Posted on 29 May 2013.

The Raspberry Pi is a pretty amazing peice of kit for its price and size. And now, you can make it even more amazing by using it as a VoIP server for your house!

Check out Raspberry Asterisk for downloads, documentation, etc, on how to setup a Raspberry Pi and Asterisk. I have a couple Pi's in the house, and plan on setting this up in the next few days. Keep your eyes on the site... more posts coming!

Also, as an added bonus: You can now use a 3G/HSDPA modem to make and recieve calls using Asterisk and your Pi! Carrier Connect has details of how they setup a couple of Raspberry Pi devices in Germany and Cambodia and anyone ringing from Germany got redirected to Cambodia, with no noticable issue. Very cool stuff! Have to try this!

Double Bonous: Chan-Dongle (the software that you use to make and recieve calls with GSM) also allows the device to accept SMS messages!

College Bag Contents

Posted on 27 January 2013.

Tomorrow, Monday the 28th January, 2013, will be the start of my final real Semester in College. I have been studying part time for the last 3 and a bit years, and tomorrow marks the begining of the end... Its the final REAL semester, meaning at the end of this i will have exams, but i wont be "finished" as such... I have a final semester from September to December where i hand up my final year project, which i plan on documenting here soon.

Anyway, thats a long way of saying that today, i have been working on the contents of my college bag: What do i bring with me to college...

well, here it is:

College bag contents

There is a lot in this photo, so you may want to click though to see the full size, but lets start, shall we:

  • Laptop: MacBook Pro, Late 2008, 8Gb RAM, 500GB Hybrid HDD
  • Phones: HTC Titan (Windows Phone 7.5, main phone), HTC One X (Android, backup phone), , HTC HD2 (Windows Phone 6.5/Android hack, test phone (VOIP Stuff)), iPhone 4 (iOS, Data Phone)
  • USB Keys: Multiple USB Keys ranging from small 4Gb sticks to fast 32Gb USB 3.0 Keys... total space: 140GB
  • HotSpot: Zoom Travle Router with Wireless-N connected to the iPhone to give me a wireless access point for up to 254 devices...
  • Power: Veho Pebble. enough power to charge both the iPhone and HotSpot at the same time (hotspot powers iPhone while its on, and the Pebble powers the hotspot). May replace it with something more powerfull eventually...
  • Mouse: Microsoft Arc Mouse. Small, light, foldable and works perfect for what i need it for.
  • Memory card Reader: Lexar Dual Slot USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader: this is very fast... Has UDMA support for faster CF and SD cards... Used mainly for reading memory cards from cameras, but given my project uses a Raspberry Pi, and i have 2 of these, one in my main bag is handy.
  • Camera: I carry my a Samsung Galaxy Camera with me at all times. This is my new years resolution and its something that i handy to have with me. Taking photos of notes, videos of lectures, etc, is handy.... and given its a full Android device, i can send and read emails, tweets, facebook, etc.
  • MISC: I have a small USB Hub pictured (no link, dont know where i got it). I also have all the required cables (iPhone, mini and micro usb, power, etc) and what ever else is needed to run the whole show...

I am hoping that if i manage to build the Ultimate Mobile HotSpot with a Raspberry Pi, I can get rid of a few things (mobile hotspot, battery charger, replace the iPhone with an iPod Touch) and maybe a lot of cables... Ideally, the Ultimate Mobile Hotspot should have enough power to charge other devices, and be charged while running also... but thats another post for another day...


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